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How To Export Areca Leaf Plates From India

India is the biggest exporter of the Areca Palm Leaf plates in the world. Starting with the climatic factors, the country has an ideal temperature for the growth of the evergreen Areca Palm plants. If you are planning to import Areca Palm leaf plates for your business, then why not export them from a trusted company in India.

There are several Areca Leaf plates exporters in India. But, if you want to get a lifelong deal, why not deal with the best exporter. KKN Exports, situated in Shimoga, Karnataka, India, is one of the leading Areca Leaf Plates manufacturers in the world. The company’s manufacturing unit is situated in the fields of the Areca Palm plants that make the raw material easily available and unadulterated. The leaves collected are then sterilized and molded into round plates and bowls.

KKN Exports makes the whole shipping and delivery process more accessible, keeping in mind the customer’s profit and satisfaction. Along with the profit, the company also keeps in mind the quality of the products delivered as we already said we make the deal for a lifetime. 

Exporting Areca Leaf Plates From India

If you look at the procedure of exporting anything across the borders, it requires a basic strategy and a few steps of the process to follow. So, here are the six basic steps that you need to follow if you want to Export Areca Palm leaf plates from India.

1. Find Indian Exporters

Areca Leaf Plates

To start exporting the Areca Leaf plates from India, you need to find Indian Exporters. Several directories will do the task for you. KKN Exports, situated in Shimoga, Karnataka, India, is one of the country’s best Areca Leaf Plates manufacturers and exporters. The company has got a hundred percent track record in the export process from the last 5 years. In addition to the clean track record, there are various other reasons to hire KKN Exports. Some of these are 

  • KKN Exports is situated in the middle of the Areca Palm fields that help it in getting the raw material directly from the fields.
  • The leaves go from the various levels of the sterilization process.
  • Products are lightweight and durable.
  • Certified Exporter by the Government Of India
  • On-Time Delivery of Order.

2. Analyze Product Demand

Being the importer of the Areca Leaf Plate, you must be aware of the market demand in your country. If you are dealing with biodegradable plates, you need to study the market behavior and public demand for the product you will import. The process might seem quite hectic.

KKN Exports sets you free from these hectic tasks and does all the groundwork for you. The company will perform all the basic necessary steps involved in the Product Demand Analysis. The steps involved in this analysis are 

  1. Identify the Market: This process helps analyze the type of market you are planning to launch the KKN products in.
  2. Access The Business Cycle: This step tells what to do at different stages of business. It starts with the plan that describes how to begin and establish the company, then how to deal with high demand and low supply, and the last part deals with what to do if the demand is lagging.
  3. Create a product that meets a particular niche: Once you know the market behavior and the business cycle. The next thing to determine is the product niche; you target the audience that prefers biodegradable plates. You have to make them clear why the product you have imported is better than the other options available.
  4. Define your advantage: If you are into the business, you will care about your advantage and profit.
  5. Determine your competitors: It is better to know your competitors in your market and what they are planning next?

KKN Exports will analyze the product demand in your market and provide you with the best products available.

3. Arrange Import Order

Finding the best exporter is a different thing and arranging the Import order is different. You might not get the best deal from the best Exporters. However, things are different with the KKN Exports, the company does the market research for you, and the exporting rates are negotiable. KKN Exports keeps in mind the customer’s satisfaction and customer’s profit. 

4. Execute Import Order

Areca Leaf Plates

After you have placed your order with the KKN Exports, you have to sit back and wait for the delivery at your doorsteps. The company will take care of everything; starting with the packaging process, the order will be packed after the inspection by the experts. Then the order will ship to the cargo ships by the local transportation in India and dispatched to the destination. Once the package reaches your country, the KKN Exports network will have it delivered to your doorsteps in no time. 

The company will monitor everything from the pre-shipment to the delivery process, and you can always contact the Shipment company to track your order. 

5. Secure Payments

Payments need to be secure when it comes to making deals across international borders. Different manufacturers offer different payment gateways and payment times. Some prefer payments in advance, and some expect it after the delivery is made. Payments methods are flexible; you can contact the company and devise a payment way that is acceptable to both parties. 

6. Order Completion

After the order is delivered and the payments are made, you have completed your order. You can contact the exporters from the official website again to place more orders.

Final Thought – Why Import Areca Leaf Plates From KKN Exports?

There are several Areca leaf Plate exporters in India. But, what makes KKN Exports the best of them all? We have listed a few points below.

  • Takes care of everything from the pre-shipment to the delivery.
  • Offers a secure payments Gateway.
  • A room is always open for negotiation.
  • Knows what is best for their customers.
  • Delivery is done after inspection by the experts.

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