Areca Leaf Plates

Do Areca Leaf Plates Require Food Certification? 

With the rise of sustainability, people worldwide are looking for the best eco-friendly products like areca leaf plates; that is hygienic, safe-to-use, and durable. Many in the market claim to give you the same, and since words aren’t enough to prove the quality of the products, some certificates do it for you. 

Areca Leaf Plates are always in high demand because of their eco-friendly and easy-to-use nature. Just like all the biodegradable products, Areca Leaf Plates also have to go through plenty of tests. The manufacturers can only export the plates if they have all the necessary certificates provided by concerned authorities. One such exporter of Areca Leaf Plates is KKN Exports from Shimoga, Karnataka, India. 

Coming from the evergreen forests of Shimoga, all the products by KKN Exports go through numerous sterilization processes and heat pressing steps. For exporting the best Round Areca Palm Leaf Plates, KKN Exports require all the health and safety tests and compostability tests. 

You can read all about the certificates and various requirements for exporting the best Areca Leaf Plates. They ensure that the products manufactured are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Why Is Certification Important? 

Every Areca leaf exporter has to get all the necessary certificates to export their products worldwide. No single product in the market can name itself biodegradable without going through these tests. But why are they important? Can you export without getting these certificates? No, certificates are the most important aspect for every buyer and seller of areca leaf plates, and here’s why they are important-

  • Checks The Quality Of Products

Certification ensures that only those products that fulfill all the necessary criteria will be exported. Now, this includes checks on different kinds of bacteria, the durability of the product, inspecting the additives in the materials, and many other factors. The quality of the products can only be measured if they pass all the tests.

  • Criteria For Exporting

Without certification, no areca leaf product can be exported. Firstly, one needs to have certificates to get permission from the government departments to export. During the time of shipping, certificates will be required to prove the credibility of products in the foreign country.  

  • Builds Trust In Customers

Certificates play a vital role in building trust in customers. A sense of confidence comes, once we know a product is certified by a renowned authority. Along with certificates, the eco-friendly manufacturing processes and packaging techniques also help the customer trust a company with its money.   

Areca Leaf Plates: Certificates and Tests

Areca Leaf Plates

Many competing authorities and private agencies conduct tests and certifications to verify the quality of the areca leaf plates. KKN Exports go through each one of these tests to bring you the most durable and hygienic Areca Leaf products ever.

Only after passing all these tests, biodegradable items can be exported to foreign countries

1. Health & Safety Tests 

When a product passes all the tests, the plates are declared fit for exporting overseas. It includes a wide range of tests, from checking the count of microbes on Areca Leaf Plates to ensuring the product can be immediately used out of the package. Every importer should look for the following certificates before ordering areca palm leaf plates.

2. Aerobic Plate Count 

Aerobic Plate Count is a generic test that indicates the count of the bacterial population on the surface of the samples. All the products of KKN Exports have cleared this test. 

3. Anaerobic Plate Count

Anaerobic Plate Count is another important test that looks after the hygienic criteria. It is a count of microorganisms that are present on the Areca plates in the absence of oxygen. Along with ensuring that their plates should be free of any anaerobic bacteria, KKN Exports also make sure that there are the least amount of mesophilic microbes on their products. 

4. Phyto- Sanitation (Plant Quarantine Test)

Phyto-Sanitation is a plant quarantine test that makes sure the prevention of the import of any new pests from a source country to the importing one. Plant Quarantine test also ensures the safety of the product and promotes it for global trade.

The containers are fumigated and inspected according to the procedures of the Plant & Quarantine Department in India. The phytosanitary certificate is also issued by the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage. Every Areca Palm Leaf product must get the plant quarantine certificate before they are exported.

5. Heavy Metal Test 

Heavy Metal Tests are important for both human and environmental concerns. It checks the amount of metals like iron, lead, copper & zinc in biodegradable products. All the eco-friendly products by KKN Exports have passed this test as they have minimum acceptable amounts of heavy metals. 

Areca leaf plates

6. Compostability Tests 

All the biodegradable products made in India have to go through a Biological Material Test (ASTM-6866). This test is done to check the amount of additives, plastics, waxes, or glues in the product. Areca leaf plates by KKN Exports have no additives, and they are determined to provide you with the best biodegradable products for a better tomorrow. 

7. Heat Resistance Test 

Although many biodegradable products do not fulfill this parameter, Arena Palm Leaves for KKN Exports can withstand for up to 40 minutes in the oven at 350°. It also withstands a microwave for a little less than 2 minutes on a high heat setting (29°).  

8. Pesticide Test 

A pesticide test is done on biodegradable products to check the traces of fertilizers and pesticides. Since KKN Exports only deals with fallen areca leaves grown in the mountainous areas of Karnataka, there are no traces of fertilizers and pesticides even on their sheaths.  

Final Thought

Areca Leaf Plates by KKN Exports is a smart choice for a person who wants to change the world. It is ensured that they don’t just claim to be the best manufacturers of Areca Plates; their certificates say that out loud. 

You can consider it a responsibility to use eco-friendly and biodegradable products to save the earth for future generations. Using products manufactured by KKN Exports will take you a step closer to save your environment. 

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