Bamboo Plates vs Areca Leaf Plate

Biodegradable Plates: Bamboo or Areca Leaf Plate?

We all live in a fast-moving world, and somehow we have forgotten the essence of conserving the environment. If we want a change around our nature, a change should come within for its conservation. And this is possible only if we will try taking steps from a very ground level that is, from our homes.

The real environmental conservation starts from home, which keeps our eating activity and its disposable activity at the top. Whenever we eat food outside, we tend to use non-biodegradable plates instead of using biodegradable plates. This never bothered us. We never tried to search for options on a plate, while eating. But now we need to educate ourselves. 

We have Areca leaf plates and Bamboo Plates as the two leading options of biodegradable plates. Adding more to it, we need to make wiser choices like what to choose from either of the two. Which one is better and harms our nature with a lesser percentage?

This is possible only with the help of differences between Areca and Bamboo plates. We will understand the context better. 

10 points of difference between Areca Leaf Plate and Bamboo Plates:

Following are the ten specific points that will talk about a line of difference between Areca Leaf Plate and Bamboo plate. Both are serving the same purpose, though their differences will be interesting to know.

1. Production Process

When we think about making an environmentally friendly purchase, we should also refer to the plates’ production process. 

Whenever Bamboo plates are made, their production is not all environmentally friendly. Bamboo plants are grown and then destroyed for the production of the plates. While on the other hand, Areca Leaf plates do not involve any harm to nature during their production.

The withered and fallen leaves are collected l, and then the other process involves turning them into a plate.

You decide which one is environmentally friendly. Why not choose the option which does not harm nature and is made through a natural process?

2. The Durability of the Plate

Areca Leaf Plates

Durability is what we all demand. We want a product that is durable and strong, which will stay for a long run.

The durability of the bamboo plates is in comparison to the Areca Leaf Plates is less. You can pre-heat your food using Areca Leaf plates in a microwave up to 2-3min, but on the other side, Bamboo plates will change their shape if it is put into a microwave.

Its durability can be questioned here—another reason for choosing Areca Leaf Plates over Bamboo Plates.

3. The Pricing:

Your preference while buying anything is direct, a product that serves the quality looks good, and its value for money. If a comparison is drawn between similar-looking plates, then Pricing is the main factor.

The production of bamboo plates is quite expensive as it involves growing and cutting and producing, while for the Areca Plate, it’s just a collection of fallen leaves and mending them into a plate.

The Pricing of the bamboo plate is higher due to its complex making, and hence Areca Leaf plate stands tall here as well with easy-on-pocket MRP.

4. Finishing

Bamboo Plants are hairy as it is a layered plant, while Areca Leaves are not hairy. When Bamboo plants turn into a plate, their furnishing is not at all smooth, which can end up hurting your skin, while Areca Leaf Plates are smooth, therefore a better choice than the Bamboo plates.

Are you still confused?

5. Health Benefits

Health is an essential asset of a human. It is said that Areca leaves have some health benefits as well. Whenever you eat food in the Areca leaves, it is believed that it can cure eye disorders called glaucoma and also Acidity.

While eating food on the bamboo plates does not give out any health benefits. A bamboo plate is just a plate, and no wonders had been accounted up until now for the bamboo plate.

6. Decomposition

Decomposition is the only factor, because of which a shift had been made from paper plates to plant-based plates. When you buy these plates, think of their decomposition.

Bamboo plates are hard to decompose within the house, while Areca Leaf plates can be beaten into pieces and are decomposed easily at home. Also, Bamboo plates take more time for decomposition, and Areca plates less time, about less than three weeks.

7. Odor- which one smells?

Areca Leaf Plates

Whenever we talk about Bamboo leaves, once they are used, it becomes stale and produces a lousy Odor. 

If it is used, it needs to be dumped in a proper place in a covered area. Areca Leaf plates, once used, do not lead to any odor and can be left in an open space for it to get disposed of. Now, what is your choice?

8. Drying ability.

It is an obvious fact that No one would bring bamboo plates or Areca plates in contact with water because it takes time to dry both of them up. But the valuable fact is that Areca Plates take less time to dry up while Bamboo plates take a good amount of time to dry themselves. If Bamboo plates get wet for any reason, it will be difficult for the user to use in an hour or two.

9. Waxing or polishing.

The Bamboo plate which you use is either waxed, polished, or colored. It is used to give it a specific shine and smoothness, which is not required on Areca Leaf Plates. That wax or polish can be poisonous for you and may lead to a certain set of digestion disorders.

The reason Areca Plates cannot be polished because it will make it look shabby and can affect the handmade shape. Do you still want to consume colors, which is the one you’ll choose?

10. Use of electricity

The manufacture of Areca Leaf plates involves two steps, collecting old leaves and turning them into the plate while Bamboo is grown and then made into a plate with the help of electric machines. Why waste a resource when easily plates can be made without using a bit of electricity and investing a lot in heavy machines. Be wise and choose the best for yourself.

We are damn sure that these differences brought a change towards your vision. Now you will every time choose the Areca Leaf Plate than a Bamboo one. Wow! Strange world, same looking plates, still are poles apart. Make a wise move, bring a change in your choice with Areca Leaf Plate, and be a responsible citizen.

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