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7 Interesting Facts About Areca Leaf Plates | Things Wikipedia Won’t Tell You! 

Sustainable, Biodegradable, and eco-friendly are the age-old words used to define the quality factors of Areca Palm Leaf Plates, but where’s that WOW factor? You already know they are super helpful to the environment but some might not know exactly how. In this case, we have brought you some Interesting Facts About Areca Palm Leaf Plates that will leave your mind blown. 

While most organic products are overpriced, natural products by KKN Exports are low-cost and have a huge impact on our environment, both directly and indirectly. The Areca Palm leaves that they use come from the evergreen forests of Shimoga, Karnataka, India. You’ll be amazed to see how minutely they affect the environment in all the good ways. 

All the biodegradable products that are exported, including Areca palm leaf plates, require food certification from the concerned authorities. Without these certificates, no manufacturer can sell them. Just like this little-known fact, there are many that you didn’t know of. However, after reading this write-up you’ll surely gain more knowledge about Areca leaf plates.  

Unknown Facts About Areca Palm Leaf Plates

It has been decades since humans started to think about measures that don’t pollute the environment. Now, it’s finally happening. Companies like KKN Exports are contributing to the environment by making the best products out of Areca palm leaves. Below are all the facts about Areca leaf plates that you have never known before-

1. All Areca Leaf Plates Are Made Entirely From Fallen Leaves

Areca Leaf Plates from KKN Exports

It’s a common thought that leaves are cut from palm trees to make Areca Palm Plates. However, it is entirely false. Many manufacturers cut trees to make wooden plates but that process also harms the environment indirectly. You can be sure that nothing of this sort happens with the making of Areca Palm Plates. Do you ask how? Well, manufacturers like KKN Exports only use fallen leaves of palm trees, making the process completely eco-friendly. 

Since no trees were harmed, the fallen leaves are first sun-dried and then they go through high-pressure washing. The step is done to soften the leaves to mold them into preferable shapes.  

2. Promotes Women Employment In Rural Areas

In a world where “woke” people just talk about women empowerment, KKN Exports is doing its very bit to actually bring a difference. From employing female laborers who help in the production, to employing female inspection supervisors, KKN Exports are promoting women’s employment in rural areas, from the ground level. 

Also, it’s really great to see thriving workplace environments where there is the same number of opportunities for men as there are for women. It is also noteworthy because, in village areas, there aren’t many jobs for women. It’s mostly men doing all the tough work. But in the making of Areca Palm Leaf Plates, there’s an equal contribution from both genders and it is really amazing to see that.  

3. Strong And Light Weight

The facts about Areca Palm Leaf Plates will be eye-opening to you when you know that they are lightweight and strong. People usually think biodegradable products aren’t durable and strong. They can be used once, twice and that’s it. However, we cannot disagree more. Areca Palm Leaf Plates by KKN Exports are super light, strong, durable, and can survive both hot and cold temperatures. 

You cannot ignore the fact that they are made from all-natural products and have such fine qualities. You’ll hardly get such perks in other crockery items. 

4. Areca Leaf Plates Is A Great Option For Dining

Areca Leaf Plates from KKN Exports

Okay, they are eco-friendly, biodegradable and blah blah, but would they look good on a big occasion? 

Absolutely! There’s nothing better than the chic look of the light-brown colored Areca leaf plates on a fine occasion like a wedding. Especially the 12.5 Inch Big Oval Tray by KKN Exports. It can fit literally anything and I bet you don’t have anything like it in your cabinet. 

You might not be interested in Areca Palm Leaves for their eco-friendly nature, but you can surely give them a try for having something unique and elegant in your kitchen. They are microwavable, can be kept in freezers for hours, and still come out as a new piece. 

5. 0% Chemicals Used

Most wooden plates that you have used so far are surely made of all the natural products, but their coating is questionable. Chemical and wax coating is used on many biodegradable products to make them attractive and prevent any leakage. Since the sole idea of manufacturing Areca Palm Leaf Plates is to promote natural products, KKN Exports uses 0% of chemicals. Completely none!  

Artificial agents like plastic, wax, rubber, dyes, or any similar products are kept a mile away in the making of Areca Plates primarily for safety concerns, making them 100% biodegradable. 

Just in case you want to buy new Areca leaf plates and don’t know what to do with the old ones, you can simply use them as manure in your garden. They make super healthy compost. They will be nutritious for your plants and you will never have to throw them in dustbins like the regular plates. 

What a great use of money! 

6. Takes Less Time To Decompose Than Bamboo Leaf Plates

Now, you may think that you can easily choose one between an Areca Leaf Plate and a Bamboo Leaf Plate. Despite the fact that Bamboo Leaf Plates are also biodegradable, you can be assured that they take more time for decomposing than Areca palm leaf plates. The plates manufactured by KKN Exports only take 60- 90 days to fully decompose. On the other hand, some bamboo products can take up to 10 years to decompose. 

That’s a lot of time for getting the nutrition out of a biodegradable product. Lucky for us, we have Areca Palm Leaf plates to save the days for us. 

7. Boosts The Nutritional Value Of The Food

This fact about Areca Palm Leaf Plates isn’t that popular, however, it is as important as the rest of them. If you are eating from a metal plate, you aren’t getting anything extra out of it. But, Areca Palm leaves change everything. You actually get the nutritions of the palm leaves that the plates are made of. Now that’s something the health fanatics should look for in their plates. 

Wrapping Up

We hope these facts helped you to understand the Areca Leaf Plates better. Shifting towards a better approach, replacing plastics with eco-friendly products will only make you a better human. KKN Exports will continue to do their part in making this world a greener place. Now, it’s time for us to do the same.   

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