How Does Areca Leaf Products Fulfill SDGs?

SDGs! I know most of you, who are reading this article, don’t even know what it stands for. Why is it important, and why do all the nations promote the same? In this article, through Areca Leaf Products, we will explain how the entity fulfills the SDGs, hence supports the same. 

Areca Leaf plates are an alternative to our everyday plastic and thermocol plates. Unlike plastic, it reduces our work and decreases our mother nature’s work too. How will she cleanse so much dirt? The answer is through natural calamities. Are you up for the disaster? KKN Exports from Shimoga, Karnataka, a leading producer of Areca palm leaf products, has taken the responsibility to reduce non-biodegradable waste.

KKN Exports, which produces products like Areca Palm Round Leaf Plates, Areca Palm Bowls, etc., are eco-friendly products and support SDGs in a very loud and visible way. It supports nature, takes care of the environment, provides employment, ultimately linking itself to development. It targets growth from the bottom and then shifts to the top, similar to how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets. 

Let us read it in detail and understand how Areca Palm Leaf plates support and fulfill the SDGs.

5 Proofs How Do Areca Leaf Products Fulfill SDGs?

Supporting SDGs in one way or another is possible in our day-to-day life, but fulfilling the SDGs based on the products a company produces is a difficult task, and KKN Exports does it efficiently. Let us read how- 

1. Supporting SDG 1 – No Poverty 

Areca Palm Leaf Plates products produce money, providing a suitable income to the workers. It is not a small number who are indulged in this activity. A large group of people works together, and hence the revenue generated fulfills the first SDG- No Poverty. Simultaneously, it targets other SDGs too. 

SDG-No Poverty is the most important SDG and KKN exports’ workers who help from collecting ingredients to the making of the final product, consists of educated and uneducated people both, hence signifies that it provides income to not only an educated group but also uneducated people get a chance to earn a livelihood. This working style not only promotes the business but also brings great change amongst the people and ultimately fulfills all the other SDGs in order. 

2. Supporting SDG 2 – Zero Hunger 

2. Supporting SDG 2 - Zero Hunger 

According to the SDGs, after you have a source of income, the most important thing that falls in order is Zero Hunger, nutritious and healthy food. If you are well-versed with SDGs, you should also know that all the SDGs are interlinked to one another. So, if you earn money, you can also afford food to eat. 

In other words, If KKN and the workers who produce the Areca Palm Leaf Plates earn money, they may utilize it to buy nutritious and healthy food. This way, Areca Palm Leaf Products Producers fulfill the second SDGs that is Zero Hunger. 

3. Supporting SDG 8 – Decent Work & Economic Growth 

Areca Palm Leaf Products producers experience a very healthy and friendly work environment, along with economic growth. The economic growth that all the workers except, from the station they work at, is the company responsibility

More than economic growth, which happens regularly, the most essential thing at a  workspace is the positive work environment. It helps them to grow mentally and even makes them feel confident. This way, the Areca Palm Leaf Product producers like KKN fulfill the SDG-8 that stands for Decent Work & Economic growth. 

4. Supporting SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption & Production

This particular SDG stands for sustainable production under responsible consumption as well. It is said that Areca Palm Leaf Products are made of hard dried leaves, which proves that the fallen and dried leaves, which may end up getting destroyed after falling on the ground, are utilized to the production of a product, hence the half SDG 12 is fulfilled that is responsible consumption.

The other part of the SDG that is sustainable production is proved from the eco-friendly nature and biodegradable nature of the Areca Palm Leaf Products. Hence, even after the use of these plates, the waste can be dumped in a pit and be used as biofuel. This is how Areca Palm Leaf Plates fulfills SDG 12. 

5. Supporting SDG 13 – Climate Action

Supporting SDG 13 - Climate Action

We humans should agree that the delay in all seasons, changes in the temperature, and natural disasters are because of the changes that are taking place in the environment every now and then. We cannot hide from the allegations that we are ruining it every day. 

What if we all take baby steps like Areca Palm Leaf Products Producers (KKN Exports) and try to balance our nature and put an end to some life-threatening climate actions. Producing biodegradable products and promoting them at a significant level helps Areca Palm Leaf Products Producers fulfill the SDG 13 that is Climate Action. 

Final Words 

There are around seventeen SDGs and out of which Areca Palm Leaf Products Producers fulfill at least five SDGs, which promotes that eco-friendly product amongst the youth and makes them understand the importance of being responsible individuals. Great supporters like Kailash Satayarthi, who promote SDGs on a bigger platform, will appreciate Areca Palm Leaf Products Producers’ activities. You can also do the same to bring a huge change as KKN Exports does. 

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