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How is KKN Exports Fulfilling Its CSR?

Corporate formulates a great part of the world economy. Gone are the days when CSR was merely a medium of building a socially conscious image of the organization. The number of companies that are genuinely trying to bring about a change in the world for good is rapidly increasing. KKN Exports is yet another example of such a level-headed and purposefully responsible corporate company. 

KKN Exports is a Shimoga-based company founded in 2017, with the primary aim to turn the earth into a better place for the generations to come. The organization has multiple eco-friendly areca palm leaf products. However, there are different layers to the work process and ideology that go behind the production of these products. 

Here is a quick list of pointers to help you understand how the organization is doing a stellar job when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Go through them to get hold of the bigger picture. 

1. Employment

KKN Exports is a humongous project that has been offering employment opportunities to thousands of skilled workers. The primary aim is to create durable, biodegradable products free from the evil clutches of mass production. The methodical segregation of the production process allows KKN Exports to create Areca Palm Leaf plates with the touch of care and help individuals build a better life for themselves. Just as the organization cares for the planet, it takes an utter interest in ensuring the well-being of its people.

All the individuals working alongside KKN Exports have been presented with the best of opportunities. There is a great need for an efficient workforce to ensure a smooth workflow. The areca leaf plates are made from fallen leaves that must be gathered, cleaned, dried, and compressed for further processing

2. Rural Development

Women Working in the Areca Fields
Source: 30 Stades

Shimoga was just a city in Karnataka, India, prominent for its lush green lands, gigantic waterfalls, and scenic beauty. However, a lesser-known fact indicates that the city is also the largest producer of the Areca Palm plants. These plants are further used for making Areca Palm Leaf plates. The process involves extensive sterilization and water-pressure cleaning of the plates, making them fit for use. 

Rural development through entrepreneurial projects immensely helps in the improvement of the environment on multiple levels for the community. A commercial project is responsible to bring a better quality of life and upliftment of the state of the dweller. This geographical factor proves to be a great help in the upliftment of the rural population of the city. By setting up the Areca Palm Leaf Plates project, prosperity has opened its doors for the residents of Shimoga.

3. Women Empowerment

Gender inequality is a prevalent social injustice that cannot be denied. The menace of gender inequality has created tons of problems in the patriarchal society leading to a sense of discomfort and injustice in the society. In order to help curb the discrepancy, KKN Exports has been consistently making efforts to break the toxic cycle. The company has been offering job opportunities to individuals irrespective of their gender. Not only this, the organization has been making a conscious and valiant effort to cover the wage gap. This promotes the women to take charge of their financial independence and watch a beautiful life unfold before them. 

4. Eco-Friendly Products

It is highly essential for an organization to have a grave understanding of the fact that it has a responsibility towards the planet along with its people. The tricky part is to do so while making sure that the profit margins are not hampered in the process. KKN Exports have deciphered the code to this. The production of biodegradable and toxin-free areca palm leaf products is a game-changer.

Considering the level of environmental awareness among the millennials, the eco-friendly, these eco-friendly products are able to get the much-needed traction incurring profits while maintaining the sanctity of mother nature.

5. Sustainable Future 

KKN Exports is a company that believes in envisioning a better future for the generations to come. It is through minimal changes in the lifestyle, and we can pay the debt to Mother Nature. Join forces with the organization and switch to sustainable dinnerware. Considering the plight of plastics, it is the need of the hour to make this switch. Only then we can have a future to save. 

The Wrap-Up

In the current era, it is not ideal to have consumerism as the center of your organization’s universe. It is the triple bottom: people, planet, and revenue that must be approached with a robust strategy. Good corporate citizenship and comradery are reflecting through the well-versed CSR planning. Even though it is a shared burden, still a few gems like KKN Exports have been doing a commendable job at it. In order to know more about KKN Exports, visit the official website.

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