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10 Reasons to Use Areca Leaf Plates

With the upsurge of the usage of eco-friendly products, it is products like Areca Leaf Plates that are gaining more and more popularity. It is because people are understanding the need of the hour. We need to make sure that we look after the sustainability of our environment. We understand the importance of using products that are natural and organic.

For the very same reason, we made sure that Areca leaf plates are 100% natural with no chemicals, wax, or dyes thereby increasing the safety levels.

The production process of these disposable plates requires water for cleaning and heat/steam for shaping. These products can be used for serving any kind of dish.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use Areca leaf plates. Once you will read about these uses you will definitely shift to the usage of Areca Leaf Plates. 

1. Safe to Use

The Areca Leaf Plates are easy to handle when compared to usual plates. These plates are durable, mobile, and intuitive. All these reasons make the Areca leaf plates an attractive choice. They are lightweight and durable. Unlike the paper or plastic plates, the Areca leaf plates do not distort by the weight and temperature of the food. 

You can freely use these plates if you are planning to go on an outdoor picnic or organizing an indoor gathering. The best part of these plates is that the shape stays intact at all times.

2. 100% Natural and Chemical Free

All the Areca products are 100% natural. No chemical or extra glue is used in the manufacturing process of these plates. Only water is used to clean the leaves. Other than that heat and steam is used to shape and bind the final product. 

The entire process does not involve any kind of wax, dyes, or chemical. Areca Plates are made from the fallen leaves which are further pressed using hydraulic machines. No extra coating is applied to the final product.

3. Microwavable

In a fast-paced world, it is important to have the facility of microwaving your food. Areca Leaf Plate gives you that opportunity to heat up your food. These plates are microwave safe. This is the main reason why the Areca Leaf plates should be considered as a replacement for the plastic plates. 

When you use plastic dishes to microwave, there is a high chance that the plastic will melt and get in the contact with the food. Whereas, you can heat the Areca plates for up to 2.5 minutes at high temperatures.  

4. Different Style

Areca Leaf Plates

The Areca leaf plates come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You get different sizes of round plates, square plates, bowls. You can easily choose the size according to your requirements. 

We make sure that your presentation is not hampered or compromised. If you want to serve a small piece of cake, you can use these plates regardless of the amount and size of the food. We provide varying sizes from a 2.5-inch bowl to a 6.5 x 6.5-inch pyramid plate. 

5. Getting Rid of Plates

This should have been the first reason in this list. This is the main reason why people use these plates and not other products. Although these plates are easy to wash and can be reused, you can still decompose them easily. Cutting down the hassle of washing dishes after a gathering is a blessing in disguise. 

You can easily decompose these Areca plates in your backyard. All you need to do is collect the plates, dig a small hole and dump the waste. These products will get decomposed in 90 days, further enriching the soil.

6. Easily Transportable

The Areca Leaf Plates are easily transportable. You can carry these plates to a picnic or even for a long trip. Be it camping, beach parties, the Areca plates, and bowls will add an exquisite vibe. The shape of these plates will not distort easily. Hence, making it simpler to carry. Unlike paper plates or plastic, Areca plates do not lose shape easily. 

7. Better Replacement to Plastic

Areca Leaf Plate

This can never be said enough that the Areca leaf plates are the best replacement for plastic. Plastic plates and containers can be harmful to the environment. Plastic plates are made of chemical composition which is harmful to human health as well. They are non-biodegradable whereas the Areca plates can be easily decomposed. Shifting to eco-friendly plates is moving towards the improvement of nature. 

If you refrigerate your food in plastic containers, after a few days the food will get spoiled. Due to the toxins and chemicals in plastic, the food will taste rotten. This will not happen in the case of the Areca leaf plates. 

8. Biodegradable

The Areca leaf plates are all-natural, organic, and biodegradable. These plates take around 3 to 6 weeks to biodegrade naturally. Unlike plastic plates, these plates can be decomposed easily. You can even dig a hole in your backyard and dump them. This process enriches the soil and decreases the hassle of washing and cleaning. 

9. Areca Leaf Plates Do not Alter the Taste 

If you are wondering that Areca leaf plates will alter the taste of your food, then we must tell you that it won’t. These plates and bowls are manufactured in a way that will not hamper the served food. You can freely use this elegant non-toxic dinnerware for any kind of event. 

10. Leak-Proof, Odorless, Hygienic

The Areca leaf plates are economic and commercially viable. These plates are lightweight as well as durable. Unlike the other disposable options in the market, the Areca leaf plates can hold on to their shape when the food weight increases in the plate. This reduces the chance of leaks. 

These products are curated by all-natural materials, which brings down the possibility of any odor from the plates or bowls. Produced using natural leaves, all the products are very hygienic.

Finally, before buying any plastic product, lookout for some of these natural and organic Areca leaf plates and bowls. Go environment friendly with the Areca leaf products. This is the only way to save mother earth. Once we will change ourselves then only we can educate and inform others about these required changes. With each such plate that you are buying,  you are reducing the carbon footprint and ensuring a better world. 

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